Making sure children have a confident and robust transition into school and between key stages is at the heart of our transition planning here at The Vale Primary Academy

Joining our school in Foundation Stage 1

Children will start Nursery, providing there are places available, during the term after their third birthday. We will contact parents/carers in advance and notify you that there is a place available for your child. Usually, before the term starts we will visit you and your child at home to talk to you about your child and how you think we can best help them to feel happy when they begin to attend Nursery.

Once the term begins, we will admit children into Nursery gradually to allow them to settle. Most children settle into Nursery quickly and happily.

Transition to Foundation Stage 2

We have high percentage of Nursery pupils that get allocated a place into our Reception class. Our Early Years Foundation Stage is run as one unit; this means children who stay with us after Nursery will have worked with many of the staff that will also work with them in Reception.

The families who do not attend our nursery will be contacted by the EYFS Leader and will be asked to share the name of Nursery that their child attends. The EYFS Leader will contact the nurseries and arrange to visit them. Parents are invited to a welcome presentation in July before their child starts. Children are encouraged to come and spend time in their new classroom during this time. At this meeting they will be handed information about preparing their child and themselves for starting school. 

Transition beyond The Vale Primary Academy to Key Stage Three

Moving from primary school to secondary school is an exciting time of life, but for many children it can also be a daunting prospect. At The Vale Primary Academy we do everything we can to support children through this tricky time.

High schools are invited to introduce themselves to children and special days are arranged in which our pupils can experience life in Year 7. They also have the opportunity to meet their teachers and even take part in lessons. We can signpost you to websites which will give you detailed information or put you in touch with leaders who can answer your questions.

Parents are also helped with applications and if you have any concerns or problems with finding the best high school for your child, Miss Cartwright, our Acting Assistant Principal, is here to help you.

The most popular high schools with our parents are:

Key Transition Documents