Personal Development

Together we believe, accomplish and achieve.

Our curriculum goes beyond academics; it’s designed to benefit both our local community and society at large. We promote values like tolerance, empathy, and environmental consciousness. Our goal is to empower our students to communicate confidently in an ever-evolving world. We prioritize the development of their moral, spiritual, social, and cultural understanding, preparing them effectively for life in contemporary Britain. We meticulously structure the essential knowledge that students require to become well-informed citizens in a constantly changing world. Our objective is to introduce them to the most profound thoughts and achievements of humanity, fostering an appreciation for human creativity and accomplishment.

Within our PSHE (Personal, Social, and Health Education) and RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) curriculum, we equip students with the knowledge and skills to ensure their safety. They have the opportunity to delve into and discuss issues affecting both our local community and society as a whole. Our aim is for students to set high aspirations and make informed decisions about their future careers.

Our students also gain increasing knowledge about maintaining their physical and mental well-being, adopting healthy eating habits, and leading an active lifestyle. We facilitate their physical activity by offering a wide range of opportunities during and after school hours.

At our academy, we foster an inclusive environment where every learner can fully enjoy their educational experience. Our curriculum and learning opportunities are thoughtfully designed to ensure that all students have access to a comprehensive and well-rounded education.

Regular visits are scheduled to align with various curriculum areas in order to elevate and enrich the learning process. Beyond the scheduled visits held every half-term, teachers will organize extra experiences and enrichment activities to further enhance the learning experience.

Reading Ambassadors

Our reading Ambassadors have been chosen due to their enthusiasm and love for reading. They meet up monthly, more if they would like, to discuss upcoming events, author of the month, ways in which we can enjoy reading more here at The Vale.

Every month our Reading Ambassadors hold an assembly to launch the author of the month. A selection of these books will then be available in our whole school library.

Mystery Books are selected from our year group Top 30 Reads for each class. Our Reading Ambassadors support discussions on using the clues to choose the book they believe to be The Mystery Book.

Through fundraising in school the Reading Ambassadors work with other children to decide what to spend the money on. Last term £85 was raised and this will be spend on more books for our library.

Eco Rangers

Our Eco Rangers strive to make our school a more eco friendly environment by growing plants to help animals, and plants that we can enjoy.

The Eco Rangers are really passionate about transforming our school grounds to be not just eco friendly for animals, but also for us humans too.

We have just received an RHS grant to transform our grey areas to be green. The children have a really strong image of what they want from the area we wish to initially transform. Their plans include;

  • Growing fruit and vegetables we can enjoy and sell to our local community
  • Creating wild areas where bees, butterflies and other insects can thrive
  • Growing flowers that we can cut and sell as little bouquets for family and friends of The Vale Primary Academy to enjoy. These can also maybe be dried for art and crafts
  • A sensory areas where the aromas of plants can spike our senses
  • A herb garden which we can dry and sell or use fresh in our homes and in the school kitchen
  • A pond where wildlife can drink from and aquatic animals can thrive

Playground Buddies

Looking out for each other

Playground Buddies is a really important role here at The Vale Primary Academy. What do our Playground Buddies do?

  • Treat everyone fairly
  • Be patient and kind
  • Be a good friend to everyone
  • Be a good listener
  • Use calm voices and talk to others with respect
  • Help others to develop good social skills
  • Look out for children who need help or are lonely
  • Tell an adult when there is a problem

Our Playground Buddies are there for everyone. They are warm and friendly and ensure everyone has a friend to turn to.

The Buddies have set up a buddy bench in the playground and have decided they would like to have a big book of games that will help children understand the rules of playing some games, and give ideas of games that can be played if children are not sure.

House Points at The Vale Primary Academy

At The Vale Primary Academy, we have implemented a house system to foster a strong sense of unity and belonging among our students. This system encourages a familial atmosphere and instills a sense of worth and camaraderie among peers throughout the academy. Moreover, the house system serves as a means to acknowledge and celebrate outstanding behavior among our students. Dojo points are earned by students not only for their exemplary conduct but also through their participation in various activities such as sports competitions, curriculum quizzes, and various inter-house contests. These points contribute to our overall goal of nurturing positive behaviour and reinforcing the values we hold dear at The Vale Primary Academy.

All children within the academy are part of one of 4 houses:

  • Aire
  • Dewent
  • Swale
  • Wharfe

Children can earn points throughout the day for behaviour which demonstrates effort and commitment to the academy ethos. Respect, Excellence, Pride, Compassion, Aspirations; Together we believe, accomplish and achieve.

RespectA child shows respect by listening attentively to their teacher and classmates when they are speaking and by using polite words like “please” and “thank you.”
ExcellenceA child demonstrates excellence by putting in their best effort in their schoolwork, always striving to improve, and taking pride in their accomplishments.
PrideA child displays pride when they take care of their school materials, complete their assignments neatly, and share their achievements with enthusiasm.
CompassionA child exhibits compassion by comforting a classmate who is upset, helping someone in need, or including everyone in a game or activity.
AspirationsA child shows aspirations by setting goals for their future, discussing their dreams with enthusiasm, and actively seeking opportunities to learn and grow.

Inspirational Events and Visitors

At The Vale Primary Academy, we are committed to providing children with enriching experiences that align with our academy vision and values. Throughout the year, we warmly welcome a variety of inspiring guests who offer children valuable opportunities to envision the limitless possibilities in life. We also embrace and honour diverse cultures, celebrating various festivals, events, and special occasions. As an integral part of our educational curriculum, we delve into the exploration of local enterprises, landmarks, individuals, and hands-on experiences, all aimed at fostering a deeper understanding and promoting interactive learning.

To reinforce our SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural) education approach, we employ the use of Votes For Schools.

Votes For Schools is a weekly platform centred on current affairs and voting, specially crafted to captivate the interest of children and young individuals in matters pertaining to politics and social concerns. Through weekly discussions and participation in voting, not only do participants gain insights into the world around them, but they also actively engage as responsible citizens, preparing themselves for future involvement in our democratic processes.

At The Vale Primary Academy, we take great pride in being a Thrive school. But what exactly is Thrive? Thrive represents a unique approach to working with children, focusing on nurturing their social and emotional well-being, thereby empowering them to actively participate in life and learning. This approach aids in cultivating their self-confidence, competence, and adaptability while also addressing any challenging behaviors, thus providing a solid foundation for academic achievement.

At the core of Thrive lies the cultivation of positive relationships with our dedicated staff. These relationships, combined with play and creative activities, offer children essential experiences tailored to each stage of their development. Consistent exposure to these activities fosters their growth, enabling them to truly thrive.

Our commitment to Thrive extends throughout our entire school community, with all staff members actively engaged in identifying, profiling, and supporting our students’ mental and emotional well-being. Within our academy, we are fortunate to have a dedicated Thrive practitioner, Mrs. Iveson, who conducts personalized one-on-one and group support sessions for our children. Through these sessions, we identify and address developmental gaps, helping our students build resilience.

Within our academy, we have created a specialized Thrive room that is thoughtfully equipped to provide all the resources necessary for staff and children to interact, create, and manage their emotions. Children have the freedom to read, paint, and build at their own pace in this space. While primarily utilized for Thrive sessions, this room is open to all students and staff members to support mental and emotional well-being, foster relationships, and promote development throughout the school day, including lunchtimes.

Our ultimate goal is to witness every child at The Vale Primary Academy thriving!

Forest Schools

At The Vale Primary Academy, we believe it is crucial for our students to have access to a broad range of opportunities and experiences to foster their confidence, communication abilities, and problem-solving skills, ultimately preparing them to become productive members of society. Throughout their academic journey at our institution, students have the opportunity to engage in Forest School sessions for one half-term each year, facilitated by an external Forest School instructor, who conducts these sessions in our dedicated outdoor Forest School area. Additionally, this year, we have enhanced our nature area within the Early Years curriculum, providing similar opportunities for our youngest learners to engage in and benefit from high-quality outdoor education experiences.

Forest School is a comprehensive and student-centered outdoor education approach, emphasizing long-term engagement. It enables children to foster their personal growth by encouraging them to explore risk, problem-solving, and self-discovery in a natural setting, promoting hands-on and reflective learning. Furthermore, our academy offers an after-school Forest School Club that is available to children throughout the year, providing them with the option to participate if they desire.

All pupils experience a rich RSHE and SMSC curriculum, including British values. Please see link below to further information on our offer in these areas:

Implementation of Personal Development

Personal development is at the heart of our whole school ethos. We ensure each area of the personal development curriculum delivers all aspects of the statutory guidance and reflects our specific needs of our children and the wider school community.

We have staff and school leaders who delivers key areas of the personal development curriculum. SMSC and British Values, RSHE, Emotional Health and Wellbeing are taught alongside our Global Themed Curriculum by all staff. Leaders ensure that assemblies also reinforce these key areas.

The Personal Development curriculum is delivered through every aspect of school life; every interaction with another child or an adult in school is a learning experience. It includes activities and experiences that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build character and cultural capital, enhance children’s quality of life and encourage aspiration.

Curriculum breadth shaped by our curriculum global themes: – Identity and Diversity, Social Justice and Equity, Peace and Conflict, Sustainability, Power and Governance, Human Rights which are linked to the United Nation’s seventeen Global Goals which allows our pupils to think critically about world issues amidst our commitment to delivering high quality education.

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