Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education

At the Vale Primary Academy, we ensure Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) development underpins all aspects of our board and balanced curriculum, therefore, enabling children to develop the skills and attitudes encapsulated in our values and golden threads. We want to give children the opportunity to not only flourish academically, but also in their personal development and growth. For SMSC to be successful we will ensure our pupils have the chance to be inspired and to have a balanced and reasoned understanding of all aspects of SMSC and British Values (BVs).  We therefore aim to provide an education that provides pupils with opportunities to explore and develop.

Our Aims 

  • To ensure that everyone connected with the school is aware of the Vale Primary Academy values (compassion, aspirations, resilience and excellence) Children will know exactly what is expected of them and the values will be echoed consistently. 
  • To ensure a consistent golden thread approach to the delivery of SMSC issues through the curriculum and the general life of the school.  
  • To give each child a wide range of opportunities to reflect upon and have the freedom and encouragement to discuss their beliefs, feelings and responses to personal experiences. 
  • To enable pupils to begin to develop an understanding of their social and cultural environment and an appreciation of the many cultures that now enrich our society.
  • To make sure that the education of our children is set within a context that is meaningful and appropriate to age and background. 
  • To seize opportunities for all children to explore social and moral issues and develop a sense of social and moral responsibility. 


At the Vale Primary Academy, it is our intention that SMSC is active within all areas of the curriculum and that teachers seize opportunities for SMSC to be woven into their lessons. We recognise that the personal development of pupils, spiritually, morally, socially and culturally, plays a significant part in their ability to learn and achieve. It is the golden thread which runs through all aspects of school life; therefore, we take a cross-curricular approach that provides pupils with opportunities to explore and develop SMSC so that they are prepared for life in diverse, modern Britain and beyond. 

Lessons and experiences are meaningful, interesting, and promote personal development and achievement for all our children. The curriculum also provides children with various opportunities to increase their cultural awareness so that pupils appreciate diversity and richness of other cultures.

To support our SMSC approach we use Votes For Schools. Please read below to find out more about Votes For Schools, and how you can support the continuation of learning at home.

VotesforSchools is a weekly current affairs-based voting platform designed to engage children & young people in political and social issues. Through weekly discussion and voting, not only are voters learning about the world around them, but they are also becoming active citizens and preparing to participate in our democratic processes.
Below are some great ways for you to get involved in the conversation!


  • At 4PM every Friday, our latest VoteTopic goes live!
    Check out our website – – to see what our voters will be debating in the coming school week.


  • Ask your child to give arguments for each side of the debate to encourage critical thinking – our weekly
  • Home Information Sheet can help you with this. If you’re not sure where to find it, please ask a member of staff at your school to share it with you!
  • When the new VoteTopic is available, the results of the previous topic will be too! Why not ask your child how they voted and why?


  • When the new VoteTopic is available, the results of the previous topic will be too! Why not ask your child how they voted and why?


  • Read up on any topics your child is discussing or have discussed to see what your take on it is. For more
    sensitive topics, we also provide a list of useful resources and organisations where you can find out
    more or seek support.


  • Have a think of which topics your child would like to see discussed at VotesforSchools and let us know their thoughts.