Celebrating Cultures

Culture and Diversity Day

This year for Culture and Diversity Day on 24th May we held workshops to celebrate culture and diversity all over the world.

Here are the workshops that we held to celebrate;

  • The people and places of Africa. Here the children looked at how the geography of the different African countries impacts their culture, and also they explored the diversity within the continent.
  • Buddhism. In this workshop the children learned the key principles of Buddhism and the festival of Wesak. The explored meditation and why people of the Buddhist faith meditate.
  • Sports around the world. Different year groups had lessons on different sports that are plays around the world. This ranged from Kabaddi in India, to Ultimate Frisbee in the USA, to Danish Longball.
  • The music of Brazil. Children had an opportunity to explore Brazilian music and create their own.
  • The Spanish Life workshops build on our MFL lessons and children were able to immerse themselves in what it would be like to be a child in Spain and how our cultures differ.
  • Art of Australia. In this workshop children created art in the style of aboriginal Australian art.



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