Year 4 Class Page

Welcome to the Year 4 class page!


Teacher - Mr. Hope

Teaching Assistant - Mrs. Brown


Key Information

Swimming is on Monday afternoons

PE is on Thursday afternoons

Spellings will be set each week

Twitter: @TheValeY4



6th October 2017

In our Writing we have been looking at a Superhero video and writing an exciting introduction for a story for what could happen. Addition and subtraction has been the focus for Maths and the children have worked very hard. This week has been British Values week, so in our afternoons we have looked at Democracy, Tolerance, Friendship and The Rule of Law. Great week again!

29th September 2017

Year 4 have been working very hard in Maths this week, investigating and exploring nehative numbers. We have looked at thermometers and number lines. Our setting description topic has come to a close this week and the children have done fantastically well! Our afternoons have been jam packed full of topic work, coordinates work, swimming and PE. Great week!

22nd September 2017

In Maths this week we have been rounding not only to the nearest 10 but to the nearest 100 AND 1000 as well as solving rounding problems. In Writing we have moved onto setting descriptions, using fronted adverbials and using differnt language. Our topic lesons have included looking at coordinates on a map which the children loved. We have also started a research project into out favourite superhero!!

15th September 2017


We have had a very busy week in Year 4. In Maths we have been looking at numbers beyond 1000 and ordering them from both smallest to largest and largest to smallest. In our writing we have continued with our character descriptions but this week we have been describing Superman! Our afternoons have focussed on the solar system!

8th September 2017

It has been a great first week backwelcoming everyone into our new classroom. We have kicked off the year with a super hero theme which the children are enjoying. In writing we have been devising character descriptions for super heroes. In Maths we have been looking at complex patterns linking to our timestables. Our topic work in the afternoons has been very exciting, we have been creating and designing our own super hero.