Year 3 Class Page

Year 3 Class Page

Welcome to Year 3

Class Teacher  - Mr Stone

Teaching Assistant - Miss Glasby

 Twitter - @TheValeY3



Homework - Every week we get a piece of maths and literacy homework on the Friday to be done over the weekend and in on Tuesday.

Spelling - Every Friday we get a new set of spellings. These need to be learnt at home for a test on the following Friday

PE - Our Pe is on a Thursday. This term we are doing mini games so we need our indoor kits.


Dates for the Diary:


15.1.18 - Film club (Lunchtime)

16.1.18 - Young Voices

18.1.18 - Funky Fingers  (3:20 - 4:20)

18.1.18 - Dance (3:20 - 4:20)

16.2.18 - School Closes (Normal Time)

26.2.18 - School Re-opens


 Newsletter - Friday 12th January 2018

Welcome back Year 3! I am so proud of you all this week, you have all come back with such an incredible attitude and you are so ready to learn. We’ve gone straight into our multiplication and division again this week, and we are getting speedy at our times tables. On top of that, we have been tackling inverted commas this week, which have proved tricky, but we are getting there. Keep up the hard work year 3! It’s been a fun week for us all!

Star of the Week - Charlie

Newsletter - Thursday 21st December 2017

Wow, what a week we have had year 3! Such a busy one with the German market, the panto, the Christingle and Christmas parties just to list a few of the things we have done! On top of these Christmas activities, we have also been continuing with our measuring skills and working on some superb short stories (to enter in a competition). I just want to take this time to say what a great term year 3 have had, we’ve come such a long way and I can’t wait to see what the next term brings.  Have a great Christmas!

Newsletter – 15th December 2017


This week Year 3 have been working really hard. In our Literacy we have been writing  instructions, which are coming in handy when we are making all our amazing crafts for the German Market next week. (We can’t wait to show you all we have done). On top of that we are looking at measurement in our Maths, trying to add and subtract some really tricky measurements, involving

converting units. Keep up the hard work Year 3, the countdown to Christmas is most definitely on!


Star of the Week - Freya



Newsletter - 8th December 2017

 Year 3: This week year 3 have been working so hard. Our division skills are really coming on, in fact lots of us can do some really tricky questions mentally. In our Literacy, the glue stick mystery continued and we really had to put on our detective hats to figure it out so we could write our newspaper articles all about it. We’ve also loved our plant experiments in Science. Our lilies all bloomed this weekwhich gave us a great opportunity to have a look at allthe details. Keep it up year 3!


Star of the Week - Jessica


Newsletter - 1st December 2017

 This week year 3 have been doing soime amazing division work in our maths. We found out that dividing using chocolate really helps us think! On top of that, our literacy has come alive this week. We have been investigating the case of the missing glue sticks so have been analysing and writing all about the clues and possible suspects. Additionally, our plants in our topic work are looking good, we should hopefully see some little shoots anyt day now. Keep up the work year 3!

Star of the Week - Harry


Newsletter - 24th November 2017

What a week we’ve had! This week in Year 3 we have been carrying on with our letter writing, really getting stuck in to using those key skills and making sure we set it out correctly. Our Maths has been amazing! Using our arrays and materials, those tricky multiplication sums have been no problem at all. We’ve also began to look at plants in our science which has meant we can start doing some pretty cool experiments. Keep it up Year 3.

Star of the Week - Charlie


Newsletter - 17th November 2017

This week year 3 have been wrting letters to our favourite Youtubers trying to persuade them to make a new video. This gave us the chance to really work on our letter wrting skills. IN our maths we've been doing some great estimation work, rounding numbers to the nearest ten and the nearest hundred. Also, with our planned trip to the green shop next week we made a new green points board. We'd like to say a bog thank you to Vinnie, Roshni, Jessica and Logan for our classes amazing new boared, entirely designed and created by them!

Star of the Week - Thomas


Newsletter - 10th November 2017

This week in year three we've been working really hard on our addition and subtraction again but this time doing it mentally! On top of that our settings descriptions are really coming on, they're overflowing with adjectives and sensory language, it's like youre really there. In our topic, we've been learning about the continents and the countries within them. This has lead to some really exciting sessions, and those four figure grid refernces we learnt last week proved to come in pretty handy. Keep up the good work year 3!

Star of the Week - Noah


Newsletter  - 3rd November 2017

Welcome back year 3! We've dived headfirst back into our work tackling some really tricky subtraction questions in our maths. We've also been doing some more descriptiove work, but this week we've specifically been looking at settings. We have wreitten some amazing work and let our imaginations go wild! I cant wait to see what amazing places we'll get taken to next week! Just a quick reminder, maths homework and spellings have come home today, with the maths to be in on Monday.

Star of the Week - Talia


Newsletter - 20th October 2017

This week I'm year 3 we have been working hard on our descriptive writing. We made a huge mind map of all the different adjectives, similes, metaphors and descriptive phrases we could think of to describe our very own monster. In our maths we are still waking hard on our column addition and subtraction. Overall we've all worked really hard this week and deserve a nice little break!

Star of the Week - Kaylam 


Newsletter - 6th October 2017

This week Year 3 have been learning all about using the column method to help us with our addition. We even added up to three, three digit numbers together! We have also been ordering some really tricky numbers, anything between 1 and 1000. In our Literacy we have been carrying on with our Superhero work. We have been using our imaginations and we’ve got our plans ready to start on our writing.

Star of the Week - Harrison