Year 2 Class Page

We are The Year 2 Dreamers!                           

The adults in our classroom are:             

Mrs Rowse - Class teacher

Mrs Brown - Teaching assistant


Monday 11th June

We have had a lovely week in year 2. We have been exploring measurement in maths. We were given different sized containers with different amounts of liquids in and we had to compare them to decide which had more. We had some fantastic discussions and realised that the size of the container was really important.  


Monday 4th June

It has been a great start to the half term. Year 2 have created some lovely pieces of writing and have loved watching their stimulus ‘Something fishy’. I can’t wait to see what the final pieces of writing look like. In maths, we have been exploring money and have been adding hundreds.


Monday 21st May

Year 2 have had an amazing week. They have made me extremely proud with their positive attitude, hard work and dedication. We have loved playing team games in PE and developing a strong team spirit. We have also enjoyed creating and painting banners for our stalls at the school festival. What a great end to the half term Year 2, well done.


Monday 14th May

Year 2 have worked extremely hard this week. All week they have supported each other in class and have received lots of class green points. They have taken on tricky reasoning questions in maths and have beaten the challenge that was given to them. In writing we are writing a letter to Mr Yeomans to ask for an end of year treat as we have worked so hard. Let’s see if we can write a good argument to persuade him.


Monday 7th May

T h i s w e e k w e h a v e f i n i s h e d our leaflets for the fairies and goblins. Thankfully we have managed to save them from extinction by making people around school believe in these magical creatures. In topic, we have decided what we would like to do at the festival and our planning is well under way.

Monday 30th April

This week year 2 having been on the hunt for fairies and goblins. Unfortunately we discovered that they are disappearing because people no longer believe in them. As a class we have decided to create leaflets to stop this from happening and make everyone aware of how important they are to the environment. It has been lovely to see the children so excited about their writing.


Monday 23rd April 

This week we have been exploring our new topic. We have loved working in our teams to find out about festivals and make decisions about what we want to do. In maths we have been working on time which we have found tricky but we are being really resilient. We all agreed it is very important to tell the time so we know if it’s bed time or not. 



Monday 16th April


We have had a lovely start to the half term. In literacy we enjoyed having a mini festival with year 1. It was amazing watching the circus acts and we loved taking part in the yoga, although we need to work on our balance. It has been lots of fun being out in the sun doing some outdoor learning. We hope the sun stays for a while.



Monday 19th March 


This week Year 2 got to spend their hard earned green points at the green points shop. We had saved enough to get some impressive prizes. In literacy as a class we have decided to write a biography on Steve Irwin. We have loved watching crocodile diaries and seeing him catch dangerous animals. I can’t wait to see the brilliant writing produced.



Monday 12th March


We have had an exciting week in year 2. We finally got to drink the magic potion that was mysteriously left in our classroom. Some of us had some VERY strange dreams that night. The writing we got from this was brilliant and the children’s ideas really blew us away. We’ve been doing assessments all week and the children should be incredibly proud of themselves as they’ve shown how hard they’ve been working and some super resilience. A massive well done to year 2, I am extremely proud of you all, keep up the good work.



Monday 5th March


Year 2 have had a brilliant week. We have explored how to write our name in Chinese and we have loved learning different words in other languages. We have found maths extremely easy this week, as we are becoming masters of solving problems and building resilience. In English we have been role playing what would happen if we drank the mysterious potion. It was lots of fun watching each other. The best part of the week had to be world book day. Everyone looked amazing in their costumes and it was very strange having a class full of book characters. 



Monday 26th February

What an exciting week! We have started our new book ‘The owl who’s afraid of the dark’. The children made some excellent predictions and we can’t wait to start reading it. The snow has been a big feature and the children have loved sharing all the fun they have had. This helped them to produce lovely acrostic poems. Have a brilliant weekend in the snow!!


Monday 12th February

What a great end to the half term. We have loved learning about China and the Chinese New Year. The drums we made were good fun and our stall looked great. Skipping with Dan the Skipping Man was very exciting. We couldn’t wait to start and loved the tricks he taught us. Have a lovely half term everyone.


Monday 5th February

This week we have been learning about shapes in Maths. We learnt a rap to help us remember their names and loved practising it in front of the class. In topic we have been producing music from Africa that is used to bring rain. We really enjoyed using the instruments and sounds with our mouths.


Monday 29th January

We have loved story telling week. On Monday Mr Hope read part of Iron Man to us, which we really enjoyed. Then on Wednesday Mrs Oates got us all together to perform the story Little Red Riding Hood. We found the changes she made really funny! Our favourite part of the week was having an amazing poet who helped us to write brilliant poems to perform in assembly. I was very impressed with the short poems they created. When he read some of the poems to us we couldn't stop laughing. 


Monday 8th January 

It has been a great start to the half term. On our first day we explored our new topic around the world in 54 days. We danced in Indian, tasted food in China and listened to the sounds of the Amazon rainforest. In maths we have been investigating measurment. We really enjoyed measuring out the lengths of different animals in the world and comparing them to our selves.






Monday 18th December

What an amazing week to finish the term with!! We've had lots of fun doing Christmas crafts. We really loved having year 5 in to help us make Christingles. Year 2 made me extremely proud in the school nativity and especially in the Christingle concert, where they learnt their lines in one day!! I can't wait to start the next year with the same energy and fun. Have a great Christmas and New Year!



Monday 11th December

We have been working hard practicing our Christmas production ready for next week. It is going to be an awesome show! The children have been very successful in Maths this week, where we've been solving division problems which can be very complicated! I am really proud of year 2 for remaining so focused and determined in their work even though Santa Clause is just round the corner!


Monday 4th December

This week year 2 have all been super-stars. They have tackled their assessments with a positive attitude and have tried their absolute best. In Literacy they have decided to create a magical potion as Mrs Rowse has got a horrible case of Knight Fever. The rehearsals for the KS1 production have been lots of fun and we are looking forward to showing everyone our amazing performance skills. Get ready for an astounding production!


Monday 27th November 

What a week we have had! Our egg has hatched and the baby dragon has been causing trouble all over the school. We have written letters to Sir George to ask him for his help. We have also been tackling multiplication and with hard work we are succeeding.



Monday 20th November

We have had a brilliant week in Year 2! We have learnt a rap about different weapons used to attack castles and we have even created our very own catapults that we can’t wait to test. In literacy we have created our own dragons.  










Monday 13th November

This week we have been dragon experts after a mysterious egg was left in our messy classroom. This has inspired us to find out about lots of different types of dragons. We are also becoming speed readers! Each we will get a passage of ninety words to read. The aim is to read as many words as we can in 1 minute. We are sending these home each week to practise!  










Monday 6th November 

This week Year 2 have been working hard on adding numbers to 100. We have loved the challenge of working with bigger tens and ones. We are loving our new reading book ‘The Tunnel’! It is very exciting and we can’t wait to see what happens to the brother and sister. We are looking forward to making our catapults in topic so we can test how strong our biscuit castle walls are. We don’t think they will be strong enough to stop the enemies attack!


Monday 30th November

It has been such a lovely start back after the holidays! Year 2 have been very busy over the half term and have built some of the most amazing castles we've ever seen. They have also written stories alongside their castles, which are fantastic! We've taken our learning about castles a little bit further by building castle walls... out of biscuits. We learnt about the structure of the walls and how they were built for strength... and then we discovered how tasty they could be!! In maths we have finally cracked adding two 2-digit numbers and this has made subtracting even easier. 


Monday 16th October

What a great end to the half term! We have worked extremely hard over the last 7 weeks and we have earned a well deserved break. We have finally finished Flat Stanley and we liked that he had a happy ending. Next half term we will get to start a new exciting class book. That is not the only thing year 2 two have to look forward to with Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas all just around the corner. A big well done to everyone who got star of the week this half term; lets see who will be the next eight winners! Have a great half term!


Monday 9th October 

We have loved writing about a haunted house even though it was scary! We had some great ideas and have started to use lots of interesting words. In PE we are enjoying playing tag rugby and are getting really good at dodging and weaving. Ella was super skillful! It has been lots of fun exploring how castle walls are built. We are getting ready to test how string they are. Let's see who's wins!!  

Monday 2nd October 

What a great week! It has been British Values Week, and we've been exploring what makes us British. We talked about democracy, and we have decided on our class Leader. In science we investigated the different materials we could use to build a castle... we decided we'd build ours out of brick.


Monday 25th September 

This week we have been improving our writing and exploring conjunctions. We have some brilliant ideas and our setting descriptions are getting more detailed. In maths lots of us are enjoying a new challenge and moving onto ATS and ATG using Numicon to help our understanding. There has been lots of brilliant problem solving especially by Delilah who has taken every difficult question with an excellent attitude. Everyone has been trying really hard to stay green and it was a tricky week to pick the star so well done everyone!


Monday 18th September

It's been another great week for the Dreamers! In our writing lessons we have been looking at setting descriptions and using different word types (adjectives, nouns and verbs). We've focused on sentence structure, making sure we're including our capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. As a class we compared a Haunted Castle and a Princess Castle... surprise, surprise... the Haunted Castle came out on top!! Finding out about the different roles that people have in a castle is very interesting! In maths we've taken our knowledge of place value and applied it to count in 2s, 5s and 10's, and to order numbers. Our class is full of great mathematicians!


Monday 11th September 2017 

The children are settling in nicely to their second week and new routine at school. We have really enjoyed our brain breaks where we’ve been running the golden mile. It has really brought out our competitive sides, and got our hearts racing! Our coats of arms are taking shape and we have thought carefully about the colours and animals we are using as they have different meanings. It seems we have lots of brave Lions in year 2! In science we’ve been looking at different materials and we are hoping to use our scientific knowledge to succeed in castle building.  


Monday 4th September 2017

What an amazing start to year 2! We have loved hearing about all the exciting things the children have been getting up to over the holidays; it sounds like they've had lots fun!  In Maths we have been learning all about place value and how to separate a number into tens and ones. The children have really embraced this learning, and even though it was a tough start they have shown admirable resilience which shows through their success. Writing has been really interesting! We watched a fascinating video all about dragons, then spent time discussing what we saw in the video and writing a character description. We got some wonderful pieces of writing!