Year 1 Class Page

Teacher - Miss Hawcroft.

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Murphy.

Twitter - TheValeY1


- Please make sure you are writing how many times your child reads in their home reading book.

- PE is on Tuesdays and homework will go out on a Friday.

- We are making catapults next week, so please bring in any bottle tops you have. Milk bottle tops are ideal.


Newsletter - 10th November

This week the class as a whole have been amazing at adding and subtracting up to 20! Well done to those who have really tried hard with their problem solving. We have had fun using stippling, shading and hatching, to create effects within Art, whilst drawing our castles.

Newsletter - 4th November

What a great after half-term. We have focused on adding numbers under 20 in Maths. In Writing, we have been writing letters to the Queen on why we should be a knight. Also, we have used cement (butter icing) to build our castle walls using stones (biscuits). The children loved it!

Newsletter - 13th October

This week we have finished writing our setting descriptions based on images from the story Brave! We have also been counting in twos and we have also looked at 1-step word problems involving addition and subtraction. I have loved seeing the children progress in this. Children who reached ATG have even been using our quiet critters to problem solve. 

Newsletter - 6th October 

This week have been learning our number bonds to ten. These are so important for the children to know from memory. We have also been using adjectives in sentences to describe different photographs. It has also been British Values Week, so we have been discussing the importance of the law, being kind to everyone and fairness. Well done to everyone that is reading so much at home, it is lovely to see!

Newsletter - 29th September

This week I have been really impressed by all the children who want to shine. They are so proud of themselves and are trying so hard, especially in their writing. I cannot ask for more. In maths, we have been working hard on our understanding of adding and taking away and have been using our cubes to help us. Also, well done Year 1 on finishing these beautiful watercolour and silhouette pictures of a sunset and castle. 

Newsletter - 22nd September

This week we have had some pesky Flanimals come into our classroom. Some have made it, but some destroyed it. We looked at the pictures of them and described them, making sure we used finger spaces and capital letters. In maths, we have started adding one-digit numbers. As you can see below, we have had lots of fun learning about the different jobs that there were in a castle and acting these out. This week the children have done really well with reading and brought them back so fast, I am now sending two books home. Please  bring them back to be changed once they have read both. Well done Year 1!

Newsletter - 15th September

This week in Year 1 has been lots of fun. We have pretended to be Kings and Queens. We then wrote sentences about what we would do for the day if we were. We also wrote sentences about what we found on our hunt around school with our Busy Bees. In Maths, we have focused on counting down from 20 and finding one more or one less than a number (under 10). It has also been a pleasure hearing the children share their stories from the envelopes they filled over the summer holidays.

Newsletter - 8th September

What a lovely and fun week we have had! The children have settled in so well. We have enjoyed hearing about their summer holidays and seeing what they have brought in. This week we have focused on counting to 20, forwards and backwards. In writing, we focused on forming sentences using finger spaces. Well done Year 1!