Year 1 Class Page

Welcome to the Year 1 Class Page


Teacher -
Mrs Rowse

                 Miss Grainger

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Wallis

Student Teacher - Miss Armstrong

Twitter - TheValeY1



- Please make sure you are writing how many times your child reads in their home reading book, the best readers will be earning lots of green points.

- Remember that high attendence is crucial for your children to fufil their potential.

- PE is on Tuesdays. Please bring outdoor kit.

- Homework will go out on a Friday and is due back by Thursday.

- Our new topic is 'Challenge X' - The children are going to organise their very own festival.

Week Commencing 17th September

Year 1 have had an unexpected visitor this week. When we came into the class on Wednesday morning we found the class in a mess. The only clues we had were a set of footprints and a mysterious bottle. We thought it might be a giant so make sure you keep your eyes peeled. 

Week Commencing 10th September

All of year 1 have worked really hard this week. We have watched the start of the BFG and have talked about how we could describe the setting. We have thought of some really good adjectives. In Challenge X we have decided to help endangered animals that live in China. We are going to use different media to spread awareness and stop these animals becoming extinct


Week Commencing 2nd September 

What a great first week! This week we have had lots of fun getting to know each other and learning all about year 1. Our Topic is China and we have been looking at all the different animals that live there. We have even named our class groups after four of the amazing animals we looked at. During maths lessons we have been explore numbers and practising our counting skills. 


Week Commencing 5th June

Welcome back Year 1! I have been incredibly amazed by how much effort and success Year 1 have had within Maths this week. We have been splitting shapes and numbers into halves and quarters. The children have also really enjoyed typing up letters to ask for help from others for out festival.

Our Shining Star - Miley!


Week Commencing 21st May

In Year 1 this week, we have been focusing on our number bonds to 20 – practically with Numicon and then using dots or a number line to help us. We have also been designing posters and banners for our festival. I have loved hearing the children’s excitement and enthusiasm for this. Have a great half-term break!

Our Shining Star - Aimee!


Week Commencing 7th May

This week we have finished our leaflets about saving the fairies and the goblins and I am ecstatic to announce that Mr Williams will no longer cut down the trees! In topic, we have also been planning what we could have in our very own area and deciding what we need to find out.

Our Shining Star - Isobelle



Week Commencing 30th April

In Year 1 we have been thinking of some amazing adjectives to describe the goblins and fairies. I have loved seeing the imagination of the children soar this week! We have also tried really hard to improve our team work within PE and topic.

Our Shining Star - Alfie!


Week Commencing 23rd April

This week we have re-visited counting in 2s and 5s, but this time all the way to 100. Well done Year 1, you have all tried so hard. We have also used an aerial picture of the school to plan out what we would like at our festival. They have suggested some wonderful ideas!

Our Shining Star - Isabella!


Week Commencing 16th April

Welcome back Year 1. This week we had our very own mini festival to give the class a festival experience to use within their writing. We watched different acts, danced and tried yoga. We have also started our new topic – Challenge X.

Our Shining Star - Riley!



Week Commencing 26th March

In Maths we have counted  been looking at one more and one less, all the way up to 100. Also, I have loved seeing all the creative bonnets. The children have really enjoyed sharing their creations. Have a fabulous Easter break!

Our Shining Star - Clay!



Week Commencing 19th March


This week in Year 1 we have all tried so hard to be green. Well done. We have been looking at the features of a biography and sorting facts into the different subheadings. In Maths we have counted to 100 and backwards, using a 100 grid to identify one more and one less. We have also looked at how our names are written in Chinese, talked about the differences in writing and added this to our artwork.

Our Shining Star - Luna!



Week Commencing 12th March


We have been writing questions to ask the amazing Bear Grylls, we then found out information about him in groups. In Maths, we have been dividing shapes and numbers into quarters. Also, we have tried really hard to develop our marking and intercepting skills in PE. I have loved seeing their team-work skills develop.

Our Shining Star - Mikolaj!


Week Commencing 5th March

We have had a great week. I have been impressed at how well they have done with splitting shapes in half accurately. We have been doing lots of talking in writing before trying to use different suffixes. Also, it was clear to see how much they loved dressing up for World Book Day. Well done Year 1, you had some amazing costumes.

Our Shining Star - Layla!

Week Commencing 26th February

While there has been a change to the school week this week, the children have continued to work so well. I could not be prouder of them! I have loved reading their postcards about their half-term In numeracy we started this week by investigating subtraction and solving missing number problems practically. It sounds like Year 1 have had fun in the snow and I am looking forward to seeing their costumes for World Book Day next week!

No Shining Star this week due to the snow.

Week Commencing 12th February

Year 1 have been fantastic this week. They were some a bit nervous about the skipping but they all did so well. We have had lots of fun making our dragons for the Chinese Festival and I know they are looking forward to showing you them. Have a great half term.

Our Shining Star - Denver!


Week Commencing 5th February 

In writing this week, we have worked in groups to write a timeline for the amazing journey of a giraffe that arrived in Knottingley. We shall use this to write a newspaper report next week. The children have also been trying incredibly hard to solve division problems. Keep it up Year 1.

Our Shining Star - Patryk!


Week Commencing the 29th January 

This week we have finished our 'Magic Carpet' stories. I can honestly say I have loved reading them. The children tried so hard to use their imagination. National Story Telling week has also been a success. We have swapped teacher for story time, had a book swap and had a workshop from a talented poet.

Our Shining Star - Isabella!


Week Commencing the 22nd January  

This week we have tried so hard with telling the time to the hour and the half-past. We have been using our imagination to decide where we have been on our magic carpet. Also, the children have tried so hard with creating their own Indian tala (rhythm) in music.

Our Shining Star - Jacob!


Week Commencing the 15th January

A magic carpet has landed in the classroom, we are really trying hard to work together in groups to use our imaginations to tell the story of where we could go and what we could do in India using our carpet. Also, I am incredibly impressed at how amazing they have been at telling to time to the hour.

Our Shining Star - Luiza!

Week Commencing the 8th January

Year 1 have certainly impressed me. We have also started our wonderful, new topic – Around the World in 54 Days! We have started our journey in India. On Monday we tasted Indian food, watched Bollywood videos and we learnt some of the dance moves used.  We have worked so well in groups to describe the different areas in India.

Our Shining Star - Lexi!




Week Commecing the 18th December

This week has been a huge success. We have done maths within our colouring and made lovely cards, Christingles and wreaths for home. Year 1 have really made me proud in all performances, as it was a big thing for the children to get up in front of so many adults. Thank you for your support also. Have a great Christmas and see you all in the New Year.




Week Commecing the 11th December

We have tried so hard this week to practice our lines and songs for the nativity. We hope that you will enjoy it on Monday and Tuesday. In maths we have been learning our number bonds to 20, which is such an important skill. We have also been working hard on our Christmas decorations to sell at the German Market next week!

Our shining star- Blake!


Week Commecing the 4th December

We have finished our Wanted Posters for the dragon and now Elvis the Elf has come to stay in our classroom. He is very mischievous. We have also put some dance moves to our songs for the Nativity this week. The children are trying so hard to remember the songs and their lines.

Our shining star - Freddie!


Week Commecing the 27th November

What a fun week we have had in Year 1! We have focused on finding 1 more than and 1 less than in maths. Well done to those who tackled lots of problem solving this week. Also, I have loved seeing their imaginations go wild about the pesky dragon that had broken into our classroom. We need to create our Wanted Posters quick to catch him! 

Our shining star- Aimee!


Week Commecing the 20th November

This week in Year 1, we have been making our very own ingredients. In Math, we have been recognising numbers up to 40 and counting backwards from 40. Also it has been so much fun discussing different medieval weapons, making our own catapults and testing how far they can shoot different materials.

Our shining star - Ella!


Week Commecing the 13th November

In Year 1 this week, we have been acting out the instructions for our Dragon Pox Cure before writing them. We are also now challenging ourselves with reading and writing numbers to 40. On Monday, we used our measuring skills to make a wonderful and wierd conconcotion.

Our shining star - Farrah!


Week Commecing the 6th November

This week the class as a whole have been amazing at adding and subtracting up to 20! Well done to those who have really tried hard with their problem solving. We have had fun using stippling, shading and hatching, to create effects within Art, whilst drawing our castles.

Our shining star - Lily!


Week Commecing the 30th October

What a great after half-term. We have focused on adding numbers under 20 in Maths. In Writing, we have been writing letters to the Queen on why we should be a knight. Also, we have used cement (butter icing) to build our castle walls using stones (biscuits). The children loved it!

Our shining star - Jackson!

Week Commecing the 9th October

This week we have finished writing our setting descriptions based on images from the story Brave! We have also been counting in twos and we have also looked at 1-step word problems involving addition and subtraction. I have loved seeing the children progress in this. Children who reached ATG have even been using our quiet critters to problem solve.

Our shining star - Charlie!

Week Commecing the 2nd October 

This week have been learning our number bonds to ten. These are so important for the children to know from memory. We have also been using adjectives in sentences to describe different photographs. It has also been British Values Week, so we have been discussing the importance of the law, being kind to everyone and fairness. Well done to everyone that is reading so much at home, it is lovely to see!

Our shining star - Isobelle!

Week Commecing the 25th September 

This week I have been really impressed by all the children who want to shine. They are so proud of themselves and are trying so hard, especially in their writing. I cannot ask for more. In maths, we have been working hard on our understanding of adding and taking away and have been using our cubes to help us. Also, well done Year 1 on finishing these beautiful watercolour and silhouette pictures of a sunset and castle.

Our shining star - Tegan!

Week Commecing the 18th September

This week we have had some pesky Flanimals come into our classroom. Some have made it, but some destroyed it. We looked at the pictures of them and described them, making sure we used finger spaces and capital letters. In maths, we have started adding one-digit numbers. As you can see below, we have had lots of fun learning about the different jobs that there were in a castle and acting these out. This week the children have done really well with reading and brought them back so fast, I am now sending two books home. Please  bring them back to be changed once they have read both. Well done Year 1!

Our shining star - Frankie!

Week Commecing the 11th September

This week in Year 1 has been lots of fun. We have pretended to be Kings and Queens. We then wrote sentences about what we would do for the day if we were. We also wrote sentences about what we found on our hunt around school with our Busy Bees. In Maths, we have focused on counting down from 20 and finding one more or one less than a number (under 10). It has also been a pleasure hearing the children share their stories from the envelopes they filled over the summer holidays.

Our shining star - Jenson!


Week Commecing the 4th September

What a lovely and fun week we have had! The children have settled in so well. We have enjoyed hearing about their summer holidays and seeing what they have brought in. This week we have focused on counting to 20, forwards and backwards. In writing, we focused on forming sentences using finger spaces. Well done Year 1!

Our shining star - Finley!