Pupil Premium Information

vp9.jpgPupil Premium is additional funding based upon the number of pupils who are eligible for Free School Meals, Service Premium is additional funding to support those pupils in a school whose parents are in the armed forces. It is therefore important that parents let us know if they qualify for Free School Meals even if they prefer not to claim them. Nationally, pupils in these groups perform less well than their peers and the additional funding is to help schools tackle this attainment gap.

We have identified these pupils and know that all age groups and abilities are represented. After much thought and consultation it was decided to use the funding in two key areas.

Firstly: to enable us to provide a teacher for Reading. This enables us to plan early intervention programmes for our youngest children and support pupils as they develop their skills through school. The teacher also provides specific training for staff.

The skill of reading affects pupil achievement in all areas of the curriculum and we aim to ensure that our pupils reading skills are sufficiently well developed so that by the time they move on to their next stage of education they are confident learners who can access all areas of the curriculum.

Secondly: to help fund the Knottingley Primary Academies’ Inclusion Team - this team deals with attendance, welfare (e.g. CAFs), SEN, behaviour, parental engagement etc.

2015 data, comparing the academy with national outcomes, shows that pupil premium pupils at The Vale are performing better than their national counterparts.

For the academic year 2015 - 2016 our Pupil Premium totals £46, 800.