Foundation Stage Class Page

Welcome to Foundation Stage!

The adults working in Foundation Stage are:

Mrs Oates - Class Teacher/Foundation Stage Leader

Mrs Brain - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Wallis - Teaching Assistant

Miss Jackson - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Keetley - Teaching Assistant

Miss Shields - Student Teacher

Miss Clough - Teaching Assistant

Important Days:

  • Wednesday 18th July - Summer Festival after school
  • Friday 20th July - School closes for Summer
  • Monday 3rd September - INSET Day
  • Tuesday 4th September - Return to school

We now have a joint twitter account for both Little Bears and Big Bears, please follow @TheValeBigBears to see what we are doing every day. Tapestry is also up and running so you can see your childs learning unfolding through photographs and observations on a daily basis. We love to see what you have been doing at home too, any exciting news or events or anything you wish to share please feel free to do so on tapestry! If you do not currently have a tapestry account or are having trouble accessing it from home please see Mrs Oates at any time. 


Monday 16th July 2018

As our final week of the school year is now here, I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all parents, grandparents, family members, carers and of course children that have made this year such a fantastic one. The children have all worked incredibly hard and I am so proud of each and every one of them. I am thoroughly looking forward to the new Big Bears coming up in September, and wish all current Big Bears the best for Year 1 – they will be missed! Have a fantastic Summer everyone, stay safe and I will see you all in September! Mrs Oates x


Monday 9th July 2018

As Big Bears' time in Foundation Stage is coming to an end, we are looking back at our time over the year and talking about what we have enjoyed the most. This week we will be talking about what to expect in Year 1, and are all looking forward to meeting our new teacher and seeing our new classroom. In our writing this week we are creating memory books, writing down what we have enjoyed this year, which topics we have enjoyed, our achievements and our goals for Year 1.

The Little Bears have been working hard on their sporting skills and are all really looking forward to showing everyone what we have learnt at our sports day on Thursday morning!

Monday 2nd July 2018

This week we are going to be talking about how we are all unique in our own way, what makes us different to our friends/family, and knowing it is ok to enjoy something different to others. In our number work over the next couple of weeks we are going to be recapping skills we will need for year 1. It would be great if you can practise some of these skills at home:

Finding 1 less than a given number to 20.

Doubles of numbers to 10.

Number bonds to 10.

Adding and subtracting by counting forwards/back.

Monday 25th June 2018

This week is our NSPCC week, we will be talking about ways to keep safe and knowing it is ok to talk to someone. On Thursday we are having our NSPCC coffee morning for parents/carers, and on Friday it is our wear green day!

Monday 18th June 2018

We are having a World Cup Week in Foundation Stage now the World Cup has started! The children will each be given a country to follow, and there will be a prize for the winning team at the end of the tournament! This week we will be making flags, bunting, decorations and writing our own football rules. Little Bears are getting ready to become Big Bears, and will be doing lots of name writing, writing simple words, recognising numbers to 10 and counting objects to 10.

This week's homework:
Little Bears can you see how many words you can make out of the letters - s a t p i n, and write these down.
Big Bears can you research where the World Cup is being held this year. Which country? What is the weather like? What does their flag look like? What do they eat?
Monday 11th June 2018

We are having 'time' week in Big Bears this week, and are going to be talking about different ways of measuring time; stop watch, sand timer, digital clock, analogue clock, etc. The Bears will be making their own clocks, playing different time games and talking about how to use a sun dial.

This week's homework:
Big Bears - how many different ways can you find to measure time around your home?
Little Bears - can you make your own watch?
Monday 4th June 2018

Welcome back Bears! This week we are going to be getting ready for our Ugly Bug Ball on Friday - don't forget your costumes! We will be writing party invitations to make sure everyone knows about the ball, and will be making games to play on the day.
In our Maths work this week the Big Bears will be looking at 3D shapes and their properites, and comparing these to everyday objects that are the same shape.

Monday 21st May 2018

This week we will be learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly, and are having a special visitor in school on Tuesday. We will be talking about The Very Hungry Caterpillar story, and putting this into sequence. In our Maths work we will breifly be moving back onto shape, identifying the names and properties of common 2D and 3D shapes and using these to make pictures.

This week's homework:
Can you have a look around your house and see what 2D and 3D shapes you can find in everyday household objects. E.g. a can of beans is a cylinder!

Monday 14th May 2018

The children are continuing with their minibeast topic by learning all about the lifecycles of frogs. Today we have learnt that the frog lays eggs, also knows as frogspawn, which tiny tadpoles wriggle out of when they are ready. They then grow longer and start to grow legs, and are now known as froglets. When the froglets get even bigger they lose their tail and become frogs. Then the cycle starts all over again! We are hoping to get some frogspawn in school, but are finding it difficult - do you know anyone with a pond that could bring in some frogspawn?? The Bears promise to look after them!

This week's homework: 
For both big bears and little bears, can you create a tally chart of minibeasts and insects you can find in your garden? Which insect did you find the most of? Which insect did you find the least of? 

Monday 7th May 2018

This week we are going to be starting our new 3 week topic of 'minibeasts'. We will be learning about habitats of different insects, what they like to eat and their characteristics - how many legs, wings, antennas, etc. We will be talking about butterflies being symmetrical, and solving mathematical problems including doubling and halving using a ladybird's spots!

This week's homework:
Big Bears - Can you create your own minibeast factfile.
Little Bears - Can you paint a picture of your favourote minibeast and label it.

Monday 30th April 2018

What an exciting week we have in store this week, the children have started their week by walking through the magic door - they have been so excited to find out what was on the other side, and it didn't disappoint! We are going to spend the rest of the week writing our own stories about the magic door, and focusing on our stories having a beginning, middle and an ending. In our number work we are going to be looking at 'estimating', the children have started the week by estimating how many cubes they can fit inside their own shoe!

This week's homework:
Little Bears - can you identify the names of 2D shapes and their properties.
Big Bears - can you write your own story about a dragon - with a beginning, middle and ending.
Monday 23rd April 2018

The children have thoroughly enjoyed the start of their new text 'What the Ladybird Heard', and have made some fantastic predictions about the story. We have been creating farmyard maps, designing our own funny farm animal and writing about what we would do if we overheard some bad guys planning to steal something. Next week we will be moving onto Jungle Animals, and reading jungle based stories such as 'Doing the Animal Bop' and 'Giraffes Can't Dance'.

This week's homework:
Little Bears - can you draw a picture and label your favourite farmyard animal.
Big Bears - if you could have ANY animal as a pet, what would you have and why?

Monday 16th April 2018

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Easter - it was so great seeing your photographs and videos on Tapestry over the holidays. This half term our topic is going to be 'Where the Wild Things Are' - this will include looking at different types of animals; farm animals, wild animals and minibeasts! We will be starting with our class text 'What the Ladybird Heard' by Julia Donaldson. In our number work this half term we are going to be revisiting adding and subtracting numbers to 20 by counting on and back in our heads, ordering numbers to 20 and solving provlems involving doubling, halving and sharing.

This week's homework:
Little Bears - Can you choose a library book from our new library area and share a story with someone at home.
Big Bears - Can you practise your number bonds to 10 (2 numbers we add together to make 10) and practise remembering these mentally, without having to work it out!

Monday 26th March 2018

We will be continuing with our Easter activities this week, and learning all about why we celebrate Easter. We will be decorating our own Easter eggs as well as making chocolate Easter nests! In our Maths work we will be using our mental maths skills to solve different problems such as adding and subtracting numbers to 10, and working out our number bonds to 10.

This week's homework:
Little Bears - can you make some Easter buns at home and take photos showing how you made them!
Big Bears - can you make some Easter buns at home and write some instructions on how you made them!
Monday 19th March 2018

This week in Big Bears we will be starting our Easter crafts and activities. In our phonics we are going to be looking at real/nonesense words, and in Maths we are going to be looking at objects that are heavy/light and using bucket scales to check our predictions.

This week's homework:

Your homework this week is to make your Easter bonnet ready for the competition next week!

Monday 12th March 2018

What a wet and miserable day it is outside today! Hopefully the fun we have planned will make up for it! This week we are having a Gruffalo themed week - I know this is some of the children's favourite story so we are really looking forward to it. We will be making gruffalo crumble, scrambled snake and even maybe have some owl ice cream?! In our number work we are going to be measuring the length of different animals from The Gruffalo!

This week's homework:

Little Bears can you find objects around your home and talk about which is the longest/shortest and why - see if you can put 3 objects in order of longest to shortest.

Big Bears I would like to see you having a go at using a ruler to measure the objects before putting them in order of longest to shortest.

Don't forget to upload your homework to tapestry so I can see it!

Monday 5th March 2018
The Bears are really excited for their dress up day this week, I can't wait to see the costumes everyone has come up with and find out about our favourite stories! This week in our number work we will be finding one more and one less than a given number to 20, and adding and subtracting single digit numbers by counting on or back to work out the answer. In our Literacy we are going to be unpicking a favourite story 'The Gruffalo' and looking at key words in depth. We will also be writing our own book reviews about our favourite story, and maybe even writing our own stories!

This week's homework:

To complete challenges on the 'Teach You're Monster to Read' game using the username and password provided to you! See if you can earn a certificate!
Monday 26th February 2018

Welcome back Big Bears! Hope you have had a lovely holidays! This half term we are going to be thinking about our Summer Festival that will be taking place here at The Vale! Children have already shared their own ideas - ice cream van, pop up farm, bouncy castle, etc. We will be creating our own stalls and posters ready for the festival, and will be writing to and tweeting celebrities to get them involved. If you parents/guardians have any lovely ideas for who we can get involved, pop in and share your ideas with a member of staff!

This week's homework:

Can you think of a celebrity you would like to see here at The Vale Summer Festival and create a video to tweet to them, asking them to come and join in!

Friday 16th February 2018

Happy half term everyone! The children have really earned their holidays this half term, they have worked so hard! From school trips to festivals, Big Bears helping new Little Bears to settle in and lots of extra learning in between. Have a lovely half term, see you all in a week!

Holiday homework:

Can you practise reading and writing your tricky words - they, all, are, my, he, we, she and me, putting them into a simple sentence. Also, if you can practise your doubles to ten!

Monday 12th February 2018
We are looking forward to our Chinese week this week, and are excited to start making things to sell at our Chinese Festival Thursday evening! This week we are going to be taking part in lots of Chinese themed activities, including Chinese writing, pottery, painting and even food tasting! We are going to be learning about the story behind Chinese New Year and why this year is the year of the dog! Kung Hei Fat Choi! 
This week’s homework:
Can you write your name in Chinese writing? Can you find out what animal you were the year you were born?
Monday 5th February 2018

The children were fantastic on our school trip to Eureka last week, they really did the school proud! I am already looking forward to organising another trip later on in the school year. This week we are continuing with our story telling, and will be starting our new class text 'Boo' - a story about a goldfish that goes on an adventure! As part of our new exciting reading methods, we will be reading just one page a day and really going into depth with the story, characters, thoughts, feelings and unpicking any new words we may come across. After the half term holidays we will be continuing this method of reading with class texts and we will also be introducing a 'word of the week' in order to extend the children's vocabulary even further!

This week's homework

This week we have been learning all about the word 'grim' as this is how Boo's fishtank was described! As your child aout the word grim, see what they can tell you!

Monday 29th January 2018

This week is National Storytelling Week, in EYFS we are going to be sharing our favourite stories with our friends! Little Bears will be looking at storysacks with traditional tales such as Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Big Bears will be looking at stories that rhyme, Julia Donaldson books in particular! We are going to be carrying out lots of rhyming activities over the week for those of you that want a head start!

This week's homework:

Can all Bears, Big and Little, share their favourite story with their favourite teddy! 

Monday 22nd January 2018

We have had a very exciting morning here in Foundation Stage, with the arrival of 3 new classmates! The children have chosen to call our class fish 'Poppy', 'Pepper' and 'Cotton Tail, and are really excited to learn all about how to look after them. This week we are going to contiue with our 'People Who Help Us' topic, and have already had a visit this morning from our local Lollypop lady Rita.

This week's homework:

Big Bears can you practise learning your letter names. We have done lots of work on the sounds they make, but now we need to look at their names!

Little Bears can you draw a picture of what you would like to be when you are older, and write your name underneath ready for our new topic display!

Monday 15th January 2018

This week Big Bears will be looking at the role of a life guard and coast guard and why these jobs are important. We will be talking about the RNFL volunteers, the unorm they have to wear and why, and looking at the different types of lifeboat. We will also be discussing water safety when in the swimming pool and in the sea. 

This week's homework:

Big Bears can you create a water safety poster, telling people how they can stay safe at the beach or in the swimming pool.
Little Bears can you continue to practise writing your name!

After school clubs are starting this week, everyone who was interested should have received a slip home confirming their club choice - if you haven't had a slip, please see a member of staff.

Monday 8th January 2018

Welcome back everyone and Happy New Year! We are looking forward to another great term, starting with our topic of 'People Who Help Us'. We will be looking at different job roles and what they entail, and hopefully getting a few visitors into school to talk to us about their jobs. We would also like to welcome our new Little Bears that are starting this week, we hope you have a lovely first week with us and make lots of new friends!

This week's homework:

Big Bears: Can you learn your home address and telephone number in case of an emergency??
Little Bears: Can you continue to pracise writing your name with or without a name card!

Don't forget you can send us photograhs of your homework on Tapestry :-)
Wednesday 20th December 2017

Foundation stage have really done me proud this week! A super Nativity performance, in front of so many adults too! We are looking forward to our Christingle and a well-earned Christmas party day tomorrow. The children have all worked so hard this term, I hope you all have a super Christmas and I look forward to seeing you next year! That includes Parents/Guardians too - our new topic after half term requires your get lots of rest, relax and enjoy yourselves.

Don't forget your super important homework task for over the holidays....
1) Spend time with the people that you care about,
2) Do something you really enjoy,
3) Watch a Christmas movie,
4) Make somebody smile,
5) Snuggle up with a grown up and read a Christmas story,
6) Play with your favourite toys,
7) Relax, have a lie in and maybe even a PJ day!

Mrs Oates x

Friday 15th December 2017
What a fantastic week we have had in Foundation Stage! Our bedtime story event was a huge success, the children had a lovely evening and really did the school proud. A big thank you to parents/guardians that also came to support the school, we are already looking forward to next year and thinking of new ideas - if you have any, please do let us know! Don't forget to scroll to the bottom of the page to see new photos from this week..

It is our final dress rehearsal for the nativity this morning (with Mr Yeomans as our audience!!), we can't wait to show you our play next week. The children really have worked hard, I am so proud of their achievements and the confidence we have seen.

This week's homework:

You have all worked incredibly hard this term, both in school and out of school. Your homework for this weekend and the Christmas holidays is:

1) Spend time with the people that you care about,
2) Do something you really enjoy,
3) Watch a Christmas movie,
4) Make somebody smile,
5) Snuggle up with a grown up and read a Christmas story,
6) Play with your favourite toys,
7) Relax, have a lie in and maybe even a PJ day or 2!
Friday 8th December 2017
An exciting Christmassy week this week, the children have enjoyed practising for our Christmas Nativity and writing letters to Santa! Mrs Oates and Miss Drury are super impressed with the writing and know Santa will be impressed too! The children have been helping to decorate the unit, putting up lights and Christmas trees and looking out for Santa's Special elves Star and Mrs Sparkle! The children have also enjoyed science experiments - making their own snow! We figured out baking powder and hair conditioner makes a fantastic snow (top tip for you parents/guardians - but be wary it can get incredibly messy!!!)

This week's homework:

Little Bears - can you practise writing your name?
Big Bears - can you write a story about our class elf, Star?

Friday 1st December 2017
The children have enjoyed our 'Birthday's' week this week, and particularly enjoyed helping Mrs Tucker celebrate her birthday by making jam sandwiches and fruit juice! Next week the children are looking forward to starting our Christmas activities and continuing to practise for our Christmas Nativity.

This week's homework:

Little Bears - practising putting coats and shoes on/off independently.
Big Bears - writing a letter to Santa! Don't forget a capital letter for Santa's name because he's very important!

Friday 25th November 2017

A fantastic week in Foundation Stage, learning all about weddings and sharing our stories of weddings we have been to! The children particularly enjoyed pretending to get married; making their own flowers, wedding cake and acting out the ceremony. Our visit to the Church made the week extra special, the children really got a good picture of how weddings take place. Congratulations to our Bridge and Groom Maddie and Ben - scroll down for official wedding photos!

This week's homework:

Little Bears - what shapes can you see when you're out and about this weekend? Can you take a photo or draw them?

Big Bears - what technology do you use at home? Can you draw or bring in a photograph of you using them! This could be - TV remote, ipad or even washing machine!


Friday 17th November 2017

A super end to our week with PJ and onesie day for children in need, a big thank you to all that joined in and helped to raise money! The children have also enjoyed their Nursery Rhyme week, learning new rhymes and acting them out with their friends. Next week the children have asked if we can learn about weddings, we are looking forwards to finding out about marriages and we may even have a Big Bears Wedding in the week!

In our Maths work we have been learning about money and different ways to pay. This weekend why not talk about money when shopping with your children, it would be really beneficial if they could pay for something in a shop!

Friday 10th November 2017

We have had a very busy week in Foundation Stage this week! Bonfires, building, baking and balancing! We have been exploring our new science area in the classroom as well as carrying out scientific experimets and making our own lava lamps. We are all looking forward to next week, learning about children in need and coming to school in our PJ's. We wll be talking about children all around the world and comparing their lifestyles to our own.

If you have not yet made a parents evening appointment, please see Mrs Oates to arrange a day suitable for you. If you are not available on any of the given days we can arrange an alternative day. Many thanks!

Friday 3rd November 2017

A great first week back in Foundation Stage, the children have loved exploring our new open unit! The children can now access Nursery and Reception class all day everyday! This week we have been trying our hardest with balancing in PE - on one leg and on our bottoms! Next week we will look at balancing bean bags on different parts of our body. We have also enjoyed our outdoors learning, making trains with the crates and building tipis! Next week we are looking forward to taking part in some bonfire crafts and learning about staying safe around the fireworks.


Friday 20th October 2017

A wonderful end to our half term with the Harvest Festival, a big well done to all children who were absolutely amazing singers and actors! Also a big thank you to parents for your continuous support, we had a fantastic turnout and we look forward to the next production...

Next half term is going to be a very exciting one with Halloween, Diwali and Christmas celebrations. Have a lovely, well-earned half term Big Bears, I'll look forward to fresh faces on Monday morning!

Friday 13th October 2017

A fantastic end to our Disney topic, with Finding Nemo and under the sea themed activities! Next week the children are looking forward to sharing our Harvest Festival with our grown ups - we have worked so hard to learn lots of songs! The children are invited to bring a change of clothes with them for the festival - farmer or scarecrow themed. We will be baking our own bread, and finding out how our food grows and where it comes from. Don't forget school photo day is on Tuesday!

Friday 6th October 2017

Big Bears have loved finishing our Peter Pan topic with our dress up day this week! A massive thank you to parents for super costumes and creative ideas. This week we have started learning lots of new Autumn songs ready for our Harvest Festival on Tuesday 17th October. Our story this year is 'The Little Red Hen', we are going to be doing lots of activities based on the story over the next couple of weeks, and we might even have a try at making our own bread!

We will be carrying out 2 performances for our Harvest Festival, so both morning Nursery and afternoon Nursery can join in. These will be 11am and 2:45pm, we hope to see you there!

Friday 29th September 2017

We have loved continuing with our Peter Pan topic this week - from making treasure maps and Indian headbands to walking the plank and scrubbing the deck in PE! Big Bears are so excited for our dress up day next Wednesday, I can't wait to see everyone's costumes. Next week we will move our Peter Pan topic onto Pirates; looking for buried treasure, creating wanted posters and making our own telescopes to look out for unwanted visitors! Our learning journals are now up and running, and we are looking forward to sharing the children's super work with you at our Open Classroom on Tuesday. 

Friday 22nd September 2017

Our topic this week has been Peter Pan, and the children have thoroughly enjoyed it! From building Peter Pan and the Lost Boys' house, to dressing up, acting out the story and even doing some fantastic writing based around Peter Pan! We are really looking forward to continuing with our topic next week where we will be making pirate hats, treasure maps and telescopes...I wonder if you can guess which character in particular we will be focusing on?

On Wednesday 4th October, we will be having a Peter Pan dress up day! The children are invited to come to school dressed as their favourite Peter Pan character - Peter, Tinkerbell, Hook, Smee, a mermaid or even a crocodile!

Friday 15th September 2017

Another great week in Big Bears, and what a busy week it has been too! Our first full week in school and having our school dinner in the hall, our first PE lesson of the year, enjoying shining star assembly and drawing our favourite Toy Story characters.

Next week we are excited to start creating our learning journeys; a folder that will be filled with our lovely work, observations and photographs of us working hard. We will be sharing these with you at our 'Open Classroom' next month!

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @TheValeBigBears to see what we are up to every day!


Friday 8th September 2017

Big Bears have had a super first week this week and have finished the week off with a school dinner! The children did exceptionally well with their lunches and are all looking forward to trying something different next week. Big Bears have all been sent a dinner slip with their name on, please fill in their dinner choices for next week and return the slip to us on Monday morning.

You can now follow us on Twitter @TheValeBigBears where you wil find lots of information, daily photographs and videos on what fun we are having in Foundation Stage.

Next week we are look forward to starting our Disney topic with Toy Story, and the children are invited to bring in one of their favourite toys from home to share with their friends (they can bring in a toy on any one day, nothing too big please!).

Thank you again for a great first week back Big Bears, have a super weekend and I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday!